On Hold Music

Consumers usually have to listen to the boring beeps when they are kept on hold. Telnovus offers its clients to listen to peppy music thanks to on hold music feature. On Hold Music is a feature used by businesses when customers call in and are kept on hold, instead of an eerie silence, customers are treated to a wave of music with this feature. The On Hold Music is a major factor as it dissuades your customers from hanging up the phone and helps stay on the phone longer if it takes more time than expected to connect. If there is a specific song which fits your business and you can employ it using the On Hold Music feature. Improve your company’s image by using professional music with the On Hold Music feature. Is there a message that you want to tell your customers? Telnovus’s On Hold Music feature allows you to play a customized marketing messages according to your business communication needs.

Advantages of On Hold Music

Instead of the monotony of silence, the caller gets a pleasant music to listen It upholds the image of the company It helps in Increasing your call conversion Choose from a wide array of music Get your customers to stay connected longer It improves the customer experience

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