Flexible opening hours

Keep the customer experience going after closing time.

Telnovus allows you to handle calls differently during business and non-business hours. You can set up specific rules for different times of the day, as well as weekends and holidays. You can also handle calls differently during business/non-business hours for different customer groups: “black list” customers, regular customers, VIP customers

Why is after-hours calling helpful to me?

The main purpose of after-hours routing is to handle calls differently for business and non-business hours. Numerous service providers use their after-hours service simply as an ability to schedule when to stop phones from ringing. Telnovus understands the feature’s value, and our implementation is a full-featured ‘business hours’ routing. This means that you can set different routing plans for business and non-business hours, including:

  • Different greeting messages,
  • IVR (auto-attendant) menus,
  • Call forwarding to different groups of employees and so on.
  • 2. Business values of after-hours call routing

    Time-based routing is one of the most valuable features for a successful customer service. After-hours call forwarding allows your business to give better customer service and to reduce the resources involved in call handling. After hours, your company can also

  • Inform calling customers about working hours;
  • Receive customer requests via voicemail;
  • Forward a call to a special on-duty team if a customer needs urgent support.
  • Use cases

    Bary runs a small business with sales and support teams. During business hours, all incoming calls are routed to the sales or support team depending on the caller’s IVR (auto-attendant) choice. After hours, if a customer needs the sales team, he hears a greeting with information about working hours and the suggestion to leave a voicemail. But if the caller needs tech support, their call is routed to the on-duty engineer working remotely from home.

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