Call screening

Telnovus gives you unimaginable flexibility in dealing with every call that comes your way, and our call screening feature is the final piece of that puzzle.

1. What is Call Screening?

Call screening is the set of options you have once a call makes it way through to you.
You have three choices:

  1. Accept the call,
  2. Decline the call and set your status as ‘DND’,
  3. Send the call to voicemail.

Call screening is the last feature to act in the chain—so after setting your call flow, managing which devices get which calls, setting business hours, and organizing your VIP & black lists, the calls that come in will be screened in case you can’t pick up at that exact moment. Call screening is included in every MightyCall plan.

2. Which devices support call screening?

You can screen calls on any device:

  1. On your webphone
  2. On your mobile phone
  3. On your desk phone/ softphone

Why use Call Screening?
Life, and business, is unpredictable. Even with the system in place, you might be occupied and unable to talk, so this is a great way of saving you the time of answering a customer with, “Can I call you back in 20 minutes?” By sending the call to voicemail you can at least somewhat salvage it. Additionally, your availability status will automatically be set to ‘Do Not Disturb’ so future calls will skip over you in the call flow.

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